Beard Audio Schematics

Bill Beard founded Beard Audio in the mid 1970’s. He retired in 2002.

P35 2x 35W Power Amplifier

The Beard P35 amplifier uses 2x ECC81 and 12x EL84 tubes.

GIFSchematic of the amplifier section with 2x ECC81 & 12x EL84 (Beard)

GIFSchematic of the PSU (Beard)

GIFLayout of the PCB (Beard)

GIFParts list (Beard)

PDFBrochure of the P35 (Beard)

PDFUser manual of the P35 MkII (Beard)

P100 2x 100W Power Amplifier

The Beard P100 amplifier was originally fitted with 4x either Gold Lion KT88’s or GE 6550A’s. It also uses an ECC81, an ECC82 and an ECC83 tube.

GIFSchematic of one channel of the amplifier section with 1x ECC81, 1x ECC82, 1x ECC83 & 2x 6550/KT88 (Beard)

GIFSchematic of the PSU left channel (Beard)

GIFSchematic of the PSU right channel (Beard)

GIFSchematic of the bias board (Beard)

GIFParts list (Beard)

GIFService data (Beard)

PDFBrochure of the P100 & P505 (Beard)