Mercury Magnetics Transformers

Dr.Tube is dealer of the excellent Mercury Magnetics transformers and chokes. Dr.Tube is also part of the Mercury Magnetics Service & Support Network! This greatly improves the ability of Dr.Tube to help you choose the right transformer(s) and/or choke for your specific wishes and amp(s).

Why Mercury Magnetics?

Mercury Magnetics. The Heart & Soul of Your Amp.Transformers are expensive parts. That’s why (almost) all manufacturers of guitar amps will first cut costs on these parts. The output trans­former is the link between the power tubes and the speaker(s), so the output transformer has a very major impact on the tone of a tube guitar amp. In practice we have seen (and especially heard!) that the output trans­former very often is by far the weakest link. Mercury Magnetics manufactures very good sounding output trans­formers, power trans­formers and chokes specifically for tube guitar (and bass) amps.

Mercury Magnetics manufac­tures trans­formers accor­ding to the old and classical recipies, the Tone Clone series, and also manu­factures transformers according to newer and more modern insights, the Axiom and the American Pro Series. Accurate clones of the RS (Radio Spares) transformers, for the AC30’s and JTM45’s are available as are several Partridge clones.

By replacing the mediocre / bad sounding output trans­former and choke by one of the Mercury Magnetics transformers and chokes (especially for amps after the 1970’s) will dramatically improve the tone of your amp. How the tone improves is always difficult to describe in words but the following list summarizes this nicely:

  • Mercury Magnetics O100JM output transformer.Less sharpness and harshness (no more earsplitting highs) especially at a higher volume.
  • Beter tonal balance between the lows, mids and highs.
  • Less “grit”.
  • Better harmonics.
  • Palm muted notes are better discernible.
  • Feedback will sing instead of screech.
  • The difference between different brands and types of tubes and other components is (far) better discernible.
  • The guitar will “cut through the mix” much better in a live or practice situation without needing to go louder.

Which transformer do I need?

Mercury Magnetics output transformer.Mercury Magnetics manufactures literally hundreds of different (drop-in) replace­ment transformers for even more different amps. It is unfeasible to have all these transformers and chokes in stock. Dr.Tube has a selection of some common and popular types in stock. For other amps the transformers need to be ordered. To keep (shipping) costs down the Mercury Magnetics orders will combined as much as possible. This means that the lead time can be a couple of weeks. If you are in a hurry, single transformers can be ordered, but the higher shipping costs will be charged. These extra shipping costs will be very dependant on the trans­former and its weight and the continually fluctuating dollar-euro exchange rate.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them. We like to help you!