Copland Schematics

CTA301 Control amplifier

GIFCover of the service manual, (Copland, 1992)

GIFSchematic of the preamp & PSU, (Copland, 1992)

GIFSchematic of the inputs & selector switches, (Copland, 1992)

GIFSilk screen of the PCB, (Copland, 1992)

GIFParts list part 1, (Copland, 1992)

GIFParts list part 2, (Copland, 1992)

GIFExploded view of complete preamp, (Copland, 1992)

CTA305 Control amplifier

PDFUser guide, (Copland)

PDFProduct sheet, (Copland)

CTA401 Integrated amplifier

GIFSchematic, (Copland, 1992)

CTA402 Integrated amplifier

GIFSchematic, (Copland)

PDFService manual, (Copland, 1998)

CTA501 Power amplifier

PDFSchematic, (Copland)

CTA504 Power amplifier

GIFSchematic, (Copland, 1992)

GIFSilk screen of the PCB, (Copland)

CTA505 Power amplifier

PDFService manual, (Copland, 1995)

CTA506 Power amplifier

PDFUser guide, (Copland)