Grant Schematics

Roy Grant and Ray Lumley founded Grant Lumley Electronics Limited in the UK in the 70’s. Roy Grant was the tech brains behind Grant Lumley, until they parted company in 1982 and Roy Grant started up Grant Amplifiers in 1983.

G60 Preamplifier

GIFSchematic, of the G60 Mk2.

GIFPCB layout, of the G60 Mk2.

G60AMS Mono power amplifier

GIFSchematic, (Dr. Tube).

G60S Stereo integrated amplifier

This is a stereo version of the G60AMS amp, with a phono input and a line stage.

GIFSchematic, (Grant Amplifiers).

GIFPhotograph, (Dr. Tube).

G100S Power amplifier


GL100AM Power amplifier