JBL D120F & D130F Reconing

The JBL D120F and D130F were popular speakers for the Fender amps in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Unfor­tunately correct recone kits haven’t been available for these speakers for many years. Often these speakers were reconed with an E cone. These E cones, however, sound markedly different than the original D cones.

JBL D130FNow, Dr.Tube has been able to source very good recone kits for these speakers which sound very authentic! So finally all those blown, torn and defective D120Fs, D130s, D130Fs and D140Fs can be reconed again with correct, good sounding and reliable cones. There are also recone kits available for the K and E speakers.

Available recone kits are:

RK-D120F-8ohm € 175,00
RK-D130F-8ohm € 185,00
RK-D130F-16ohm € 185,00
RK-D140F-8ohm € 185,00
RK-K120-8ohm € 175,00
RK-K130-8ohm € 175,00
RK-K140-8ohm € 175,00
RK-E110-8ohm € 155,00
RK-E120-8ohm € 175,00
RK-E130-8ohm € 185,00
RK-E140-8ohm € 185,00

If the speaker chassis has already been properly cleaned then the reconing costs are € 40,00. If the chassis still needs to be cleaned then the reconing costs are € 100,00. By clean I mean: The old cone has been removed and ALL remains of glue and bits of old cone have been thoroughly removed. Cleaning the chassis is the most work. Fitting the new cone is a relatively quick job, but requires a high degree of concentration and precision.

If you want to clean the chassis yourself, then make sure that as soon as the old cone has been removed from the chassis to immediately to mask/seal the voice coil gap in the upper pole plate with duct tape so that no dirt or debris can find its way into the voice coil gap. It is a very arduous job removing magnetic debris from the voice coil gap afterwards. I will charge extra for that!

There are also recone kits available for other JBL and Electro Voice (PA) speakers.