Audio Research Schematics

D40 Power amplifier

GIFSchematic with 1x ECC81, 1x ECC83, 1x 6FQ7 & 2x 6L6GC (Audio Research)

VT60 Stereo Power amplifier

PDFSchematics and parts list with 3x 6922 & 4x 6550 (Audio Research)

VT100 Stereo Power amplifier

GIFSchematic (of one channel) with 4x 6922 & 4x 6550C (Audio Research)

VT130 Stereo Power amplifier

PDFSchematics (of one channel) with 2x 6922, 1x 12BH7, & 4x 6550 (Audio Research)

See this page for a detailed description of how to bias a VT100.

See the Audio Research Database for lots of infor­mation of almost all AR products.