Repair Tube Equipment

Dr.Tube also repairs tube studio equipment, like mic preamps, compressor / limiters, filters, channel strips, etc. Both vintage and modern. The tube amp in a Leslie is a common guest here in the workshop. We don’t fix tube radios. That is a very different ball game.

Dr.Tube has extensive experience with repairing the following brands of tube equipment:

ADA, AKG, ART, Avalon, Binson, dBX, Drawmer, Dynacord, Fairchild, Federal, Gefell, Grundig, Gyraf Audio, Hammond, Klein & Hummel, Leslie, Manley, MindPrint, Neumann, Philips, Pultec, Retro Instruments, Schoeps, TAB, Telefunken, Teletronix, TL Audio, Tube Tech, Universal Audio, WEM…

We have sources for high quality, old style, parts for vintage equipment, like axial and twist-lock electrolytics, often available directly from stock. Also typical “difficult” tubes like 6414, 5670, 6BC8, 6AL5, etc. are usually available from stock.